2020 Honda HR-V Colors, Interior and Exterior, Engine Specs, Date Release and Price

2020 Honda HR-V New Color and Spy Shot Images

2020 Honda HR-V New Color and Spy Shot Images

2020 Honda HR-V Colors, Interior and Exterior, Engine Specs, Date Release, and Price – If we look again, Honda HR-V is not a product of the new slide, even his facelift version just a new pitch in the year 2018. However, it is some of the hallmarks of Honda HR-V was able to answer consumer needs, such as the saucy, space models of relief and some other features. Well, the latest news shows about the future of Honda HR-V, where based on a quotation from our news media CarSensor.net, Japan, Honda HR-V will get the latest generation in the year 2021 upcoming aka still 4 years old again.

2020 Honda HR-V Colors

  1. Silver
  2. Blue
  3. Orange
  4. Red
  5. White

2020 Honda HR-V Exterior and Interior

Honda HR-V 2020 may be more or less looks like the CR-V. In addition, the HRV does look like the CR-V’s just outdone in proportion. Overall exterior of this car looks more sporty. HR-V 2020 using more chrome grille and LED lights. 17-inch wheels with lightweight aluminum alloy make it a typical and proper proportion and also eye-catching.

2020 Honda HR-V Interior Design and Changes

2020 Honda HR-V Interior Design and Changes

The Interior is ideal and beautiful. 2020 Honda HRV provides enough space to walk. The seats have enough headroom and the distance between the front seat and back seat to straighten the legs very more than enough. But since his head wasn’t high enough, maybe if you include people who are high, you need to be looked down upon and out of the car. Bed features excellent quality Cabin also comes with LCD interface. Chair leather brown color makes this car look very classy.

2020 Honda HR-V Engine Specs

For the latest generation of rumored, that the Honda currently makes it. And a compact SUV that is likely to take the base of this Honda Jazz will be developed with a hybrid engine as the main focus. If the current generation of machines that bear the name i-DCD using a single motor that juxtaposed with the machine transmitting 7 acceleration of DCT, then later a Honda HR-V will carry the new engine with two electric motors named i-MMD. MMD i-Hybrid engine itself is not a new engine, because it is already in use by the Honda Accord Hybrid since December 2013. This machine alone claimed more efficient and therefore will be used in the Honda Odyssey and Honda StepWgn.

However, for the series i-MMD machines used currently in the second generation, the third generation are to be introduced in 2018. Then do a Honda HR-V will use i-MMD third generation? No, Honda HR-V will use i-MMD fourth generation. Fourth-generation machine i-MMD itself is expected to have cost the equivalent of a machine i-DCD used today, but with a number of advantages as we mentioned earlier. I-machine era DCD himself is rumored to be coming to an end and will die in the upcoming 2020 injected.

Although using the machine i-the latest generation of MMD, later power from Honda HR-V will still be restricted in number 215 PS, which is still similar to the existing engine power at this time. However, to maximize the use of the two motors, the capacity of the lithium-ion battery on record will be increased from the initial 60 48 cells into cells. The approximate appearance of the Honda HR-V it third generation own rumored upcoming in February 2021 with 1,500 cc engine bore the ten tape-VTEC him but now uses two electric motors.

2020 Honda HR-V Release Date and Price

There has been no official confirmation from the Honda HR-V car Chart this would be launched, but based on rumors circulating, this car will probably be launched in 2020 or 2021. For the price, offered from some website, about $20,300-$ 27000. Wow, smelling price Yes, but well balanced with the specs of the Honda HR-V.

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