2018 Jeep Grand Wagooner Model, Designs, Price and Release Date

2018 Jeep Wagooner Woody Side Model Red Color

2018 Jeep Grand Wagooner Model, Designs, Price and Release Date – Jeep will pleasant their customer with a new product. After the conference, Sergio Marchionne, as the FCA of Jeep, says that Jeep prepares a new Grand Wagoneer as the one of 2018’s formation. The class of this car is SUV and it applies big dimension to cover the need of family. Here 2018 Jeep Grand Wagoneer will come with some changes in its design, exterior, interior and engine specs. Of course, the changes of this car will give the customer better performances in any kind of street. Now, we will share brief information about New Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

2018 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Rumors

The rumor says that Grand Wagoneer will use the traditional concept in its exterior. The big bumper is still used to adorn the front of the car. Now, the bumper is made from high-quality aluminum. The new headlights are also accepted with the larger shape and it becomes a unit with the bumper. Jeep still applies its old logo above the bumper. For the body of the car, carbon material is accepted. It decreases the weight of car significantly. Bigger wheels are adapted. It may provide better stability. There are two big doors each side and one big door in its back. There is no official information about the available color of the car. We will update the information soon. Open the page for 2018 Subaru Crosstrek Kazan.

2018 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Redesign

2018 Jeep Wagooner Woody Upholstery Interior Concept Images

The different concept is applied in its interior. Inside this Grand Wagoneer, Jeep applies the modern theme. The dashboard becomes the center of the changes. Now, there is a new LCD screen there. The LCD displays some modern features of car, like smartphone connectivity, radio system. HDMI connection, audio player and others. Then, three row-seats are available and it is covered by high-quality leather. The maximal capacity of this SUV is seven passengers. In overall, it applies the contemporary design by the use of calm color. The safety feature is updated, so passenger will get the better safety in their journey.

2018 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Powertrain

The gossips say that manufacture will accept the similar engine with Cherokee. This Grand Wagoneer is predicted will come with two engine options. For the base engine, it has 3.2L V6 engine that will deliver up to 270 horsepower. Then, the other engine comes with 5.7L V8 HEMI engine. This engine is similar with Cherokee and it could deliver up to 370 horsepower. All engine use turbocharged as the basic technology. Besides, it applies the new direct fuel injection and better valve variable to increase its performance. There is no exact information about the fuel economy rate. However, it predicted will have a good rate on it.

2018 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Price And Release Date

An official information is still unavailable. Some leaked information predict that 2018 Jeep Grand Wagoneer will come to the market in the middle of 2017. Then, the base price of this car is predicted around $60,000. Of course, the price will depend of the model of Grand Wagoneer. It will be a great competitor of Cherokee.

2018 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Image Gallery

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