2018 Audi Rs5 Coupe, Review, Price and Release Date

2018 Audi Rs5 Coupe New Model Redesigns

2018 Audi Rs5 Coupe, Review, Price and Release Date – Audi is known as a car manufacturer which always creates fast and luxurious cars. One of the cars that will be released is 2018 Audi Rs5. This series actually has been launched before and it comes again with the latest version of it. Although this vehicle has not been launched yet, there has been some rumors about this car. For instance is that about the new prototype which seems different from the previous model. In this case, it has a sporty look and performance. Then, to know more about this car, below is the review of this newest version of Audi Rs5.

2018 Audi Rs5 Review

In the new version of Audi Rs5, all buyers can find a new look of this car. The sportier look and also sportier performance will be found here. It can be shown by exterior, interior and also the engine of the vehicle. Being designed as a coupe, this car has a sporty look which the it becomes sportier. The grille, bumpers and even the lights come with different design. However, the cabin does not get too much new touch. Meanwhile, the engine is replaced as well.

2018 Audi Rs5 Coupe

As having been explained before that this coupe car has a new look. Firstly, the weight of it is lighter. In this case, the use of the material body panel causes the reduction of the weight. Now, the weight is about 100 kg only. For the bumper also has a new look and larger. For the grille itself, it is designed in gaping design. Then, the brakes, it uses standard old fashioned steel.

2018 Audi Rs5 Coupe Dashboard Redesign

Meanwhile, for the interior itself, this new Audi Rs5 coupe does not get too much new tough. For the cabin, it is also does not use the carbon fiber material as in the aerodynamics kit.

Moreover, the engine of this car will be 3.0 L V 6 twin turbocharged engine. This engine will produce 400 up to 500 hp. Thus engine is available for S4 and S5 models.

2018 Audi Rs5 Price and Release Date

Since there is no confirmation from the company about the price, thus the price is unknown until now. However, for the release date of this latest Audi Rs5, it will be in the 2017 after it is shown at the Geneva Motor Show event in the same year. Thus, for those who are interested in owning this car, they must be ready.

2018 Audi Rs5 Image Gallery

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