The Cost For Painting A Car At Maaco And Learn How To Paint It

The Cost For Painting A Car At Maaco And Learn How To Paint It – Well, appearance is one of the most important thing for all f car’s fans. Not only about the look but the good appearance can represent the good care about the car. For some years, your car may will get dusty or ages. The first effect that may happen is that the color will be blured or it cracks in some part. Well, that is why we need to paint our car, so it will look brighter than before. If you wish to own a car, go to the webpage of loanago to learn how to get guaranteed loan. Here we will share more about the paint job and some money that you should spend for it. Be ready for the money that you will have to spend for the restoration and in case you need NET debt help, visit and don’t forget that if you don’t have the money there are plenty of ways to get the extra cash, visit and  learn more about how you can make money while gambling and having fun.

How much is painting a CarAt Maaco

painting a car at maaco

What we do in doing a paint Job? Well, in doing a paint job, we need some process that should be worked in a good order. Of course we need some help or car garage that provided a paint job. Well, there should be some steps that we do in making a good paint job. First, we can visit some local store that provides some hardware. There you can choose some different types of paint. In doing a paint job, it’s important for you to have some different types of paint. That 6 different types of paint including some kinds of primer spray print, the foam brushes, the sand paper, the paint trays, and another tape for painters. In case you think that you will spend a thousand of dollars, by this way you can get those six paint tools around $75.

The details of Paint Tools

  • The good Rustoleum white paint (3 ) cost in about $23.60
  • The good odorless mineral spirits (3 ) cost around $17.96
  • The best Spray Paint (1 can) cost around $4.98
  • 4 inches good foam brushes  cost around $5.66
  • 2 inches good foam brushes  cost around $3.95
  • The suitable Paint Trays (3 ) cost around $3.20
  • The good quality Sand paper (2) cost around $9.49
  • The good quality Tapes painter (1 ) cost around $5.83

And all of those stuff cost $74.74. There will be some different paints need for your different car for sure. For small car, you will need two parts of paint. Then for the average size car you will need in about three parts of paint. Then, if you want to paint larger vehicle such as SUV and large truck, you will need in about four or even more than five in case you want to fill and finish the the vahicle. For example, you can lay down 6 coats on your  car and seven for your body kit, also bumper and the hood with the three quarts. For the technique, you can use the high density foam brushes to apply the paint and in some ways also to reduce the residual. Make sure that you choose the good material so it will last to your car. For the brush, you can choose the soft brush so it won’t broke the paint and the car body as well. Then, for the paint, make sure that you choose the paint with a good quality, so it will be nice blended to your car. Make sure that you do everything in a good order too

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