2018 Acura SRX Type S Changes, Model, Price and Release Date

2018 Acura SRX Type SNew Model Blue Colors

2018 Acura SRX Type S Changes, Model, Price and Release Date – Super car maybe become the high class customer favorite, so to get that attention, 2017 Acura RSX is presented by Acura Company. This new supercar has a great shape and good performance. By just looking this car, your desire to have it will be increased slightly. There are some changes on exterior, interior and absolutely on the machine performances. This car’s power plant will surprise the customer about the specification. To know more about this newest car from Acura, here we will share more about the redesign, machine performance, and also the information for the release date.

2018 Acura RSX Type S Redesign Exterior and Interior

The Interior designer of this 2018 Acura RSX Type S giving their best effort to create a great supercar. With low and shape body which is indicated the class of the car, there are also changes on the hood which is equipped with two air vent, better LED lamp for the headlight, stronger chassis and also using 19 inch alloy wheels to make the car looks stronger. On the back of the car, there are four exhaust that will be stabilize the dismissal process of the machine. Talking about the interior, this new 2017 Acura RSX predicted will have some conveniences features such as multimedia system, and another interior conveniences. You can enjoy all music sound system with the availability of speaker set, CD Player and also AUX connector. You will enjoy the music with the best sound quality for your long driving time. Also get to know for 2018 Dodge Barracuda. The additional information is that this car will come with the new wireless bluetooth Multimedia.

2018 Acura RSX Type S Engine and Top Speed

The power plant of this 2018 Acura RSX is absolutely amazing. Using 3.5 liter V-6 Twin Turbo Engine which is can expose 550 horsepower. Equipped also with AWD technology, 9 speed automatic transmission, 3 motors and also 4 driving modes. This car will never let you disappointed at all. With that engine power this car can give the best performance on the road. This is a strong car which you can drive on the city or even in the highway with maximum power as well. For more power, choose 2018 Buick Verano Turbo. For more power, this car new from Acura will also available in V8 power engine as well.

2018 Acura SRX Type S Interior New Concepts Images

2018 Acura RSX Type S Customer Target

The target customer of 2018 Acura RSX is the middle high class of customer who search for a good Japanese supercar. This Acura will be on the top of your list for sure. Get closer to the review for 2018 Acura MDX. 

2018 Acura RSX Type S Release Date and Price

This 2018 Acura RSX will go on sale is approximately at the summer 2017. There is no clear announcement about the exact price of this supercar, but some reliable information stated that the price of this car is started from $30.000 on USA. Just wait for little bit, so you can have this car on your garage. That amount of money is much but whenever you compare it with all the new features, Engine, and performance, this car is worth it enough for you to buy.

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