2018 Acura MDX Redesign, Interior, Engine, Price and Release Date

2018 Acura MDX Concept Image

2018 Acura MDX actually one of the latest car that will be launch soon. This new version actually will bring such a new look. In thus case, this car will be more attractive than before. Going to be redesigned, this new generation of Acura MDX comes with some interesting modifications. Thus, for a further explanation about this car, it can be found as in the short review below.

2018 Acura MDX Review

As having been told before that new Acura MDX will be launched with some interesting changes. In this case, the changes cause the aggressive exterior, a better comfort and also the modern interior. Indeed, those new design can be very good for those who want a greater vehicle to be driven. However, about the powertrain, the engine which is installed is the same with the previous model. That is why, talking about the output, there is no changes here.

Moreover, the modernization which is applied in this car can be seen in its body structure and it can lower the weight of the vehicle. As the result, this weight loss will influence the mgp rate of the new model in which it becomes better than the previous one.

2018 Acura MDX Redesign

There will be some redesigned model that can be found in new Acura MDX. Like having been explained before, in the exterior of the car, it is used a lightweight materials for the platform. Here, the body structure uses carbon fiber and aluminum. Actually, it is not only the new design of the car. There are another cosmetic changes which help this vehicle to be more attractive.

Firstly, there is a bolder styling that is combined with new grille make the car looks refresh even though the appearance of it is not changed extremely. It means that there is only a minor changes there. Another redesigned part will be found in the bumpers and the taillights. Those all are new so that the look of the vehicle being more powerful and also dominant.

For the full-size SUV, there is an update in its infotainment system. The new apps are also added to make all passengers get their comfort. In addition, the upgrade in the safety features also help the car to be the best choice.

2018 Acura MDX Interior

In the part of interior, there will be a redesigned infotainment system. For other features, all buyers can find satellite radio, Wi-Fi, USB port, Bluetooth, atmosphere control, and the offers of additional safety features.

2018 acura mdx interior

2018 Acura MDX Engine

There is only one engine available, it is 3.5-I V6 which can produce 300 hp with 270 lb-ft of the torque. Those power then will be delivered through a gearbox, 6 speed auto transmission. Then, this car is designed in front wheel drive and all wheel drive as well.

2018 Acura MDX Price and Release Date

For those who want to see directly how great this Acura MDX is, the release date is assumed in 2017. For the price, all buyers need to prepare money about $44,000.

Gallery Image of New 2018 Acura MDX

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